Japanese Dried Persimmon Mochi Pack
Japanese Dried Persimmon Mochi packJapanese Dried Persimmon MochiJapanese Dried Persimmon Mochi cross sectionJapanese Dried Persimmon Mochi dessertJapanese Dried Persimmon Mochi

Japanese Dried Persimmon Mochi Pack (130g)


Atago persimmon from Ehime prefecture is used for this sweet delicacy. The sweetness peculiar to dried persimmon and the melting flesh are kneaded into the mochi. You can enjoy the nostalgic flavor of dried persimmon and the signature chewy texture.

Each pack has 10 mochi pieces which are individually wrapped and can be carried and subdivided.

Expiry Date: 15 March 2022

Country of Origin: Japan

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