Tips to Washing Fruits and Vegetables

Most of us think that washing your fruits under running water is the most effective way to clean produce before consuming. Apparently, this method might remove some dust and dirt, but getting rid of the possible residues require a little more effort.

In here, we are sharing some effective way of washing your fruits. Email us your favorite methods of washing.

Here’re 2 methods for grapes

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Method 1 – Using Corn or Flour (starchy) Powder: 

a. Cut the individual grape with the stalk intact

b. Put the grapes in a bowl

c. Scatter 2 teaspoons of corn or flour powder evenly

d. Don’t add water immediately; hold for a minute

e. Rinse the fruits 2-3 times until it becomes transparent color

Method 2 – Using salt water:

a. Cut the individual grape with the stalk intact

b. Soak the grapes in a bowl with warm water sprinkle with salt for 15 minutes

c. Rinse the fruits with clean water

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