Fruit Facts

It has been said that a balance diet is essential, however we have been misled by temptations of unhealthy and sinful food, such as fast foods, processed sugar products like confectioneries, so on and forth.

Right here, we provide the following informations that could remind us why it is important and also how to select the best fruits for consumption . 

Top 5 reasons to eat fruits

We cannot disagree that fruits are one of nature’s wonderful gifts to the mankind. Indeed, they are medicines packed with natural healing properties such as vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and many phyto-nutrients or micro-nutrients. Not to mention, they are also an absolute feast to our sight, for their unique colors and flavors which add up to our list of delicacies in the world.

They are:

1. Low in calories and fats.

2. Source of sugars and vitamins; essential for optimizing our health.

3. Plenty of soluble dietary fiber that ward off bad cholesterol and fats in our body, as well as smoothen bowel movements.

4. Contain anti-oxidants (i.e. poly-phenolic flaconiods, vitamin-C and anthocyanins) and boost immunity; protect against oxidant stress, diseases and cancers.

5. Rich in mineral and micro-nutrients; protect against damage and rejuvenating cells, tissues and organs.

Tip to select fruits

In general, choose fruits that:

1. Project freshness

-Color and firmness are usually visible from the appearance of the fruit. Dull and soggy texture usually depicts loss of freshness.

2. Bright in color & flavor

Dull color and musty flavor may indicate initial rotting of the fruit.

3. Weight in your hand

-An unusually light weighted fruit indicates a loss in water content, usually due to prolong storage in both hot and cold environments.

4. No blemishes, rotting spots, and signs of insecticide spray.

Organic fruits are recommended as they are cultivated free from pesticides, and usually are filled with extra richness in vitamins, minerals and stuffed with plentiful anti-oxidants than its normal counterparts.

Preparing the fruits

The following will make sure that the fruits you eat is free from dirt, or any residuals such as from soil, chemical spray etc.

1. Rinse in salt water for several minutes to kill off any surface bacteria

2. Wash under running water to clean it completely

Eat them while fresh, as some fruits may have very short shelf-life and their health benefiting properties will decline over time. Always eat fruits as a whole without any procedures such as blending or juicing to get the maximum fruit nutrition benefits and also to enjoy their true flavor and taste.

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