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Best Fruit Hampers in Singapore

We are featured for having one of the best fruit hampers in Singapore! Read more here. Curating on the best and freshness premium seasonal fruits for our fully customized hamper, you can bet that your hamper is one and only one in the world. Talk to our sales team or visit this link to order your […]


联合早报: 为父母水果摊设网店重新学产品知识

MomoBud 水果公司创办人王祯蔚认为,水果能通过门市快速售出,而网店适合喜欢网购的顾客,两者相辅相成。染着一头暗黄色头发、打扮时尚的王祯蔚(26岁),到底是如何走上水果商这条路呢?阅读文章了解。 联合早报: sgsme聚汇: 发布/2018年5月17日 3:30 AM 文/李蕙心摄影/严宣融 来自/联合早报    

958 Interview

海外进口樱桃荔枝等水果 农历新年成送礼佳品

农历新年除了柑橘,海外进口的樱桃、荔枝、草莓等水果,也逐渐成了送礼佳品。受访业者说,进口自日本、韩国、新西兰、澳大利亚等国家的高价水果,以及有机水果,在农历新年的销量逐年增加,尤其企业买来送礼的水果礼篮销量,更是激增多达五成。 卖相好、口感佳的进口水果,近年来成为国人的新宠。不过,这些水果可不便宜。以樱桃为例,一般超级市场的售价为100克1块多,但来自新西兰的特大红樱桃,可卖到6块钱左右,有机樱桃也可卖大约5块钱。尽管如此,许多人还是不介意付较高价格。专卖这类水果的MomoBud,过去三年农历新年期间的销量,每年增加15%到30%之间。 樱桃、桃子、荔枝、草莓等水果的销量更是比平时多了五成。老板王祯蔚说,樱桃和桃子最受本地人喜爱,农历新年的销量也最高。老板说:“好像桃子,就是长寿的意思,樱桃就因为对人们来说是属于高档的,而且送礼好看,所以很多人喜欢送cherry。” 有机蔬果商戴成裕也发现,樱桃销量比平时多出五成。不过,由于产量有限,许多顾客会因为担心买不到而提前下订单。“我觉得我们有机的顾客会有这种心态就是我们的东西是没有农药、没有化学肥料、吃的放心,他觉得送给朋友、送给家人、送给老一辈的、送给有孩子的小家庭,像这样子的送礼就是我们送礼的趋势。” Source: 958/YJ


9 Gifts to Include in the Ultimate Christmas Hamper

01: BEOPLAY P2 PORTABLE SPEAKER Set the mood for a good day out with the right soundtrack – played from this super sleek portable speaker from Bang & Olufsen. Delivering high-quality sounds for up to 10 hours, this Bluetooth-enabled device is also splash- and dust-resistant. #01-05 Grand Hyatt 02: YAN XUN WEI ‘SMOKEY BLUE’ CHEESE WITH MILLER’S ELEMENTS […]


NHG Jul-Aug 2017 Lifewise

In issue no.70 of the National Healthcare Group (NHG) Lifeiwse magazine of page 26 and 27, our Founder Reyna Wang shared her experience dealing with unusual fruits found in Singapore, Yellow dragonfruit, and Moon-drop grape. And, what’s the unusual fruit you ever came across? Digital copy available here:

Yellow Pitahaya close up

The Rare and Sweetest Dragonfruit: Yellow Dragonfruit/Pitahaya

Dragonfruits aka Pitahayas are fruits borne from Cactus. Originally native to Mexico, the fruit rise to popularity and were later transplanted to Central America and to other parts of the world. Basically, there are three types of varieties under Hylocereus genus (aka night-blooming cactus): 1. Hylocereus undatus Appearance: Red-skinned; white-fleshed Taste: Least sweet of all the sweet pitahayas. Origin: […]

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