USA Snapdragon Apple
USA Snapdragon Apples

Snapdragon® Apple (Small-plus, 6pcs)


SnapDragon apples were bred from the popular Honeycrisp apple and are characterised for their spicy/sweet flavor with hint of vanilla, crisp texture, and juicy flesh. SnapDragon’s monster crunch will leave you feeling satisfied and energized.  It contains no fat, sodium or cholesterol and is an excellent source of fiber.

And thanks to the energizing rush of natural sugars, a SnapDragon is a healthy alternative to that second cup of coffee. It’s ideal as a snacking apple or sliced in salads, and pairs beautifully with light cheeses, peanut butter and so much more.

Country of Origin: USA

Nutrition facts: Great Source of Vitamin-C, Vitamin A, Calcium and Iron.

Health Benefits:
– Improve neurological health
– Prevent dementia
– Reduce your risk of stroke
– Lower Levels of bad cholesterol
– Reduce the risk of diabetes
– Prevent breast cancer

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