Japanese Okayama New Pione Grapes
Japanese New Pione Individual pack

Japanese New Pione Grape (600-750g approx)


Hailing from Okayama, the largest producer of grapes in Japan, New Pione, referred to as Black Pearls, is rich in grape flavor and sugar content. A graceful scent of wine may also be savored when enjoying delicately.

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Country of Origin: Okayama prefecture, Japan

Nutrition facts: Great Source of Vitamin-C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Copper, Magnesium, Iron and Potassium.

Health Benefits:
– Boosts immune system & prevent fatigue
– Helps cure asthma & migraine
– Helps maintain lower cholesterol levels
– Lowers risk of kidney diseases
– Improves brain function
– Prevents breast cancer
– Strengthens bones
– Provides relief from contipation

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