Japanese Atemoya (Custard Apple)
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Japanese Atemoya (Custard Apple, 1 piece)


Atemoya is a subtropical fruit tree made by crossing cherimoya, one of the world’s three great fruits, and sugar apples. The name is a compound word of “Ate” of Atys, which is the Brazilian name of sugar apple, and “Moya” of Cherimoya. 

It has a sugar content of ripe Atemoya is as high as 20 to 25 degrees, which is why it is also called “forest ice cream” due to its creamy texture and sweet content. Japanese Atemoya is usually small in size, about a palm size large. 

It is ready to eat when you feel a little softness after ripening it at room temperature of about 25 ℃. If you want to serve it chill or prolong storage, ripen it before putting it in the refrigerator. You can also enjoy it with yogurt.

Country of Origin: Okinawa prefecture, Japan

Nutrition facts: Great Source of Vitamin-C, Vitamin A, Antioxidants and Mineral such as potassium, magnesium, copper, fiber and phosphorus.

Health Benefits:
– Good for heart, skin and bone
– Aids in maintaining blood pressure
– Curing boils, ulcers and gum related problems
– Boosts immune system
– Aids in digestion
– Improves anemic conditions
– Reduce symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis

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