Dole Sweetio Highlands Banana
Dole Sweetio Highlands Banana JapanDole Sweetio Highlands Banana JapanDole Sweetio Highlands Banana JapanDole Sweetio Highlands Banana posterDole Sweetio Highlands Banana

Dole Sweetio™ Highlands Banana

In Japan and Korea, Dole markets a premium banana under the DOLE Sweetio™ label. Bananas in the Philippines are divided into three types: Lowland, Midland, and Highland. The higher the altitude of the orchard, the more starch the bananas store in the fruit, which is the source of sugar, and the sweeter the bananas grow.

Cultivated in the cool highlands of the Philippines,  Sweetio bananas takes 1.5 times longer cultivation time compared to ordinary produce and are usually left to mature on the trees for five to eight months. This offer a sweeter, creamier tasting fruit that smells absolutely rich and heavenly.

1 bunch = 4 to 6pcs

Country of Origin: Philippines

Nutrition facts: Great Source of Vitamin B6 & C, Potassium, Manganese, Iron and Fiber.

Health Benefits:
– Energy and Brain Booster (Processing and Memory)
– High in fiber that prevents constipation and toxin accumulation
– Suitable and beneficial for diabetic patients
– Reduces high cholesterol and blood levels
– Lowers risk of cancers and chronic diseases

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