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Japanese Misaka no Momo White Peach – Misaka-cho is a famous peach production area in Yamanashi prefecture which produce one of the best peaches in Japan. 大糖領 (Daitouryou) grade has a sweetness level of 13.5 degree and above, which is the representative of rich sugar content and excellent melting texture with over-flowing refreshing juice. 

Japanese Kyoho Black Grapes  – Kyoho Grapes (巨峰) is one of Japan-prized grape variety, which is rich in wine-like flavor (no alcohol) and juicy flesh with mild acidity. It is a slip-skin variety, where the skin is easily separated from the fruit. To enjoy this delicacy, the proper way is to draw the flesh out by suction from the top where it is connected to the grape stem.

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