Japanese Kouka Nishiki Sakurabon Cherry Gift Box 300g
Japanese Kouka Nishiki Sakurabon CherryJapanese Sato Nishiki Sakurabon Cherry 3Japanese Sato Nishiki Sakurabon 2Japanese Sato Nishiki Sakurabon Cherry 4Japanese Sakurabon CherryJapanese Sakurabon Cherry 1

Japanese Shinshu Kouka Nishiki Sakuranbo (Cherry) Gift Box


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Kouka Nishiki (香夏錦) is a variety discovered by crossing “Sato Nishiki” and “Takasago”. The variety was registered by Tenko Orchards Co., Ltd. in 1984 (Showa 59). It has a good balance of  sweetness and slight acidity inherited from “Sato Nishiki”. The texture inherits the soft flesh of “Takasago” and is very easy to consume and has a pleasant texture.

In Nagano prefecture, greenhouse-grown greenhouse brocades are available from late March to mid-May . Kouka Nishiki is originally an early variety, but with the improvement of house cultivation technology, it has become possible to taste high quality and delicious cherries from around the end of March, a month earlier than Yamagata open field cultivation which will usually be shipped from mid to late May to the end of June. 

It is available from end March to end-June, and is one of the most-sought choice as gifts in Japan. 

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Net Weight: 300g

Country of Origin: Nagano prefecture, Japan

Nutrition facts: Great Source of Vitamin-A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.

Health Benefits:
– Fights cancer and disease
– Relieves pain of arthritis and gout
– Eliminates oxidative stress and prevent premature aging
– Eliminates migraine headaches
– Improves sleep

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