Rubins Gold Tomato
Rubins Gold topPhoto 11-4-20, 9 08 40 PMJapanese Rubins Gold Tomato

Japanese Rubins Gold Tomato


Rubins Gold has a deep yellow skin and a slightly thicker skin, which gives it a crispy texture when eaten. It has a richer sweetness, as compared to Amela Rubins and Rubins Chocolate, and its taste is also stronger than general yellow cherry tomatoes. 

Rubins are cultivated and shipped all year round, but according to the Amela farmers, it is the sweetest from February to June. All Rubins series have a shipping standard sugar content of 10 degrees or more.

Country Of Origin: Shizuoka prefecture, Japan

Nutrition facts: Great Source of Vitamin A, C, E & K, Calcium, Folic Acid, Potassium and Fiber

Health Benefits:
– Rich in antioxidants
– Lowers high blood pressure
– Improve cardiac health
– Combat formation of free radicals known to cause cancer
– Repair body damages caused by smoking and maintain strong bones
– Relieve constipation
– Improve skin conditions
– Improve eyesight and night vision

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