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Japanese Kinokawa (Black Flesh) Tanenashi Persimmon Gift Box (2kg)


Unique and rare black persimmon variety, this seedless fruit got its “black sesame-like” flesh from aged tannin using special growing technique and is harvested only when it is fully riped, which resulted in a richer sweetness and non-astringent fruit.

Growing along the Kinokawa River in Wakayama Prefecture provided a much needed optimal breeding environment with plentiful minerals that enhance the flavor and texture of Black Sesame Seedless Persimmon. 

*Quantity come in 7-9pcs, depending on sizes.

Country of Origin: Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

Nutrition facts: Great Source of Vitamin-C, Vitamin B-6, Antioxidants, and Minerals such as potassium, manganese, copper, and phosphorus.

Health Benefits:
– Reduces the risk of cancer
– Aids in lowering blood pressure
– Provides relief from constipation
– Boosts immune system
– Aids in digestion
– Improves blood circulation
– Prevents signs of premature aging

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