How to identify if your melon is ripe/overripe/spoilt?

This is one of the many questions that customers posted to us, and here’s how you can identify a good/bad Japan Muskmelon (applies to other melons as well).
Ripe to Slight Overripe Melons  Japanese Muskmelon Ripening Stages
When place in room temperature, a newly arrived Japan Muskmelon will take about 3-4 days to ripen optimally.
🍈《Semiripe to Ripe Melon》
Texture: Firm solid with bright whitish flesh. Sweet & Juicy
Appearance: Melon is hard and stalk is thick and green.
🍈《After 2-4 days – Riper》
Texture: Bottom will start to soften first. Sweetness of melon will increase as the flesh turns semi-transparent. Soft flesh and very juicy.
Appearance: Bottom will yield in slightly when pressed and stalk semi-dried out
🍈《About a week or more – Slightly Overripe》
Texture: Soft & Watery, but maximum juiciness and sweetness compared to previous state
Appearance: Stalk dried out fully and melon will turn more yellowish-green. Flesh will look semi-transparent which indicates peak sweetness and rich juice content.
⚠️Note: Many people at this point will refer this as Overripe and inedible. BUT it is not and is actually one of the best ways to enjoy a Japan Muskmelon (slicing 4-6 parts, scoop the soft flesh and juicy with a spoon). (PLEASE do not throw them away!!)
Overripe & Rotten Melons
🚨 《Overripe or Rotten Melon》
Spoilt melons usually have an abmormal taste or smell (pungent or sharp taste) and may also taste bitter/sour. Hence, it is usually quite easy to differentiate them from Slightly Overripe melons.
We hope this helps you in choosing the best ripeness based on your preference and to differentiate the good and bad melons!