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  • Yuki Usagi Ichigo tray

    Japanese Yuki Usagi Ichigo (Strawberry) Box

    Yuki Usagi Ichigo tray

    Japanese Yuki Usagi Ichigo (Strawberry) Box


    A rare full white strawberry variety that is not only attractive but also of excellent quality. It is bred in Saga prefecture, where they specialized in white strawberry varieties. It belongs to the top 5-10% of the harvest due to its low level of Anthocyanin (chemical which gives fruits their colors) due to sunlight restriction during maturing which prevents any red coloration development. It’s light yet smooth juicy texture gives an excellent balance with its strong fragrance and sweetness. 

    P.S. Doesn’t the red seeds on the skin reminds you of rabbit’s red eyes?

    *Quantity may vary due to product size. 

    Country of Origin: Saga prefecture, Japan

    Nutrition facts: Great Source of Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-K,Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron.

    Health Benefits:
    – Burns stored fat
    – Boost short term memory
    – Low in Calories, High in Fiber
    – Ease inflammation
    – Lower cardiovascular disease
    – Promote bone health
    – Prevent esophageal cancer
    – Anti-aging properties
    – Good for weight loss
    – Promote eye health

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