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We are also leading Singapore fruit blog. We cover the latest news on rarest, weirdest and most expensive fruits touching down into lion city.

Yellow Pitahaya close up

The Rare and Sweetest Dragonfruit: Yellow Dragonfruit/Pitahaya

Dragonfruits aka Pitahayas are fruits borne from Cactus. Originally native to Mexico, the fruit rise to popularity and were later transplanted to Central America and to other parts of the world. Basically, there are three types of varieties under Hylocereus genus (aka night-blooming cactus): 1. Hylocereus undatus Appearance: Red-skinned; white-fleshed Taste: Least sweet of all the sweet pitahayas. Origin: […]

Fighting Haze with Fruits

Want to know how to fight the nasty haze without minimizing outdoor activities, staying indoors or wearing a N95 mask? In this period of haze, it is crucial that our immune system functions optimally. To do that, the immune system requires 2 essential vitamins to maintain and maximize its function. We have listed some fruits […]

How to choose, Store and Prepare – Persimmons

Look out for Smooth skin, Gleaming color, Chunky, and with Leaf attached. Avoid any bruises or soft spots that appear on specific areas only Store in room temperature till soft and ripe (higher sugar content). It can be store in refrigerator up to 3 days upon ripening. Or simply eat it crunchy! Eat it fresh, dried or cooked. Try eating […]

Red Kiwi

Be Prepared for Red Kiwi in Singapore

The new Red Kiwi was recently spotted in our store last week! You did not see nor hear wrongly. Yes it is absolutely crimson Red Kiwifruit! So if you are tired of the bright green or golden flesh with rows of tiny and black edible seeds, wrapped by its fuzzy and dull greenish-brown skin for the past […]

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